While visiting their showroom to shop for shutters, I explained to Scott, one of the owners, that my bathroom shutters were worn out and would not stay open. I was amazed when he asked if the shutters had an adjusting screw and then proceeded to tell me how to find and adjust it. I informed him that I had several slats that had broken away from the control rod, but felt that job was too small for their efforts. They insisted on coming to see what the problem was and determined that the slates could be fixed without having to purchase new shutters. A few days later, an IWS repairman came to my house and within minutes fixed the damaged shutters.

They could have easily kept silent about the adjusting screw and sold me new shutters and I would not have been the wiser.  It is because of their honesty and professionalism that I would recommend them and will most certainly deal with them in the future for my window shutter and blinds needs.

Angie's List Customer, Manager