Custom shutters from IWS are the ultimate investment in the beautification of your home. We take pride in producing a product that is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, then is subject to "Quality Assurance" to ensure that every job is perfection.

Whether you're looking for something contemporary, something timeless, or something in between, IWS Shutters and blinds offer the very best in style, quality, and affordability.



Our custom composite shutters stand up to moisture, heat, and UV rays without warping, fading, yellowing, cracking, blistering, or bowing.  Made from a durable thermoplastic wood-polymer. They are water resistant, fire retardant, and insulate more than wood.

Solid Composite Shutter Fast Facts:
• Quality engineered using a solid-core thermoplastic resin material
• Non-toxic (Formaldehyde Free) and water-resistant
• Insulates more than wood
• Painted finish prevents yellowing that plagues other synthetics on the market
• Man made recycled material – no trees are needed to manufacture this product
• Looks and feels like wood!
• Guaranteed not to crack, warp, peel or yellow
• Easy to care for: anti-static quality repels dust
• Extra long, specialized staples: guaranteed not to fall out
• Light stops on hinged stiles
• Rabbeted stiles where two panels come together from the opposite direction. Improves light control.

Our wood shutters are in a class by themselves. It brings warmth to any room. Made from the finest species of wood that complements homes with stained wood casing and trim. It offers good energy efficiency for your home. Its finish is superior with a smooth and consistent look. Wood Shutters combine form and function and is available with an assortment of classic paints and stains or an absolutely limitless selection of custom colors, wood shutters are as sensible as they are sentimental.




Our expert window treatment services are here to help you choose the highest quality and strikingly beautiful window treatments for your home. With our friendly in home consultations, we will bring samples to you to discuss the window treatment option that will meet the needs of your home and your budget. Click here to schedule an appointment online or call (813) 818-0489.



DoorsDo you need specialty shape shutters and blinds to fit your door, french doors, sliding doors, sliders, or even bi fold doors? We've got you covered (and your doors covered, too)!

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