1.  Experience
When speaking with a business owner, get to know them a bit. "How long have you been in business?" is a question that will help you to do this. Most owners will be pleased to tell you how and when they got started. This information is particularly useful in determining the experience of service providers.

2.  References
Don't hesitate to ask a business for references. This question is especially useful when hiring service providers. "Can you provide me with a few names of recent customers to contact?" is a perfectly acceptable way to ask this question.

3. Location
If you receive a phone call soliciting your business and you are interested, ask to speak with the owner. "Where are you located?" is a key question in determining whether the company has a storefront or office. It will also let you know if the business is local. When you have the business name and location you can research the company through the Better Business Bureau and other organizations designed to protect consumers.

4. Quality &  Delivery
"May I see your product before I decide to purchase from you?" is a good question to ask a business. A business that produces excellent quality will not hesitate to show their products. Ask a sales representative today to see our beautiful shutters and blinds, or call 800-898-7911

5. Knowing IWS Shutters and Blinds
It is crucial to know the time-frame it will take to complete my window treatment installation. "How long will it take to get my blinds?" is the most straightforward way to ask this question. Ask the business owner to put the price and completion date in writing.

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