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IWS Shutters and Blinds offers a wide variety of different beautiful home shutters to choose from. A Window... A Room... A LIfestyle! Shutters are the best way to add beauty to any room.

Why Choose IWS Shutters and Blinds?
IWs Shutters and Blinds offers a very different wide range variety of shutters. Call us today for a free quote. or by email

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IWS's Shutter and Blinds Warranty

• All warranties are transferable.
• Lifetime on all moving parts, including louver tension system and staples.
• Lifetime against warping, cracking, yellowing and peeling.

Why Choose IWS Shutters and Blinds

We are proud of the quality we offer on our interior wood shutters and want to take the time to share information with you on how we arrive at having the "best shutters on the market".

International Wood Shutters, Inc. offers the finest shutters in the industry today. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and adding "Quality Assurance" that every shutter passes.

Custom Shutters from IWS are the ultimate investment in your windows. Available in Composite and Wood designs, IWS Shutters offer the very best style for your windows, whether you're looking for something contemporary, something timeless or something in b

IWS Shutters and blinds offer the very best style for your windows, whether you're looking for something contemporary, something timeless or something in between. A wide array of options make it easy to customize IWS Shutters and blinds to your practical needs and personal tastes,

and every IWS Shutter and blinds is built with the very highest standards of quality in mind for a product that lasts.

Composite Shutters ( A new dawn in the window shutter technology and fashion)

Our Shutter are engineered with a closed-cellular composite material that outperforms other shutter materials in strength,stiffness and lightweight. This durable, cross-linked, exterior-grade composite captures the rich, warm appearance of wood, plus the practical advantages of polyvinyl, in a light, strong material that outperforms both.

The composite shutters stands up to moisture, heat and UV rays without warping , fading, yellowing, cracking, blistering or bowing. Its durability and color consistency are enhanced by the exclusive SuperCap Satin finish, a bonded capstock which adds structural and surface integrity.

Made from a durable thermoplastic wood-polymer. Additionally, our shutter is water resistant, fire retardant, and insulates more than wood.

Our Composite Shutter Facts:

• Quality engineered using a solid-core thermoplastic resin material.
• Non-toxic (Formaldehyde Free) andwater-resistant.
• Insulates more than wood.
• Painted finish; therefore it will not yellow like the other synthetics on the market.
• Man made recycled material – no trees are needed to manufacture this product.
• Looks and feels like wood!
• Guaranteed not to crack, warp, peel or yellow.
• Easy to care for: anti-static quality repels dust.
• Extra long, specialized staples: guaranteed not to fall out.
• Light stops on hinged stiles.
• Rabbeted stiles where two panels come together from the opposite direction. Improves light control.

Louver Sizes, Consider Visibility with Light.

Three shutter louver sizes are available. The 2-1/2" sizes offers traditional styling. The 3-1/2" option offers greater visibility and light control than a smaller louver. The 4-1/2" model provides the greatest amount of visibility through open louvers and appears most proportionate in larger windows.

Wood Shutters.

Our wood shutters is in a class by itself. It brings warmth to any room. Made from the finest species of wood that complements homes with stained wood casing and trim. It offers good energy effeciency for your home. Its finish is superior with a smooth and consistent look. Wood Shutters combine form and function and is available with an assortment of classic paints and stains or an absolutely limitless selection of custom colors, Wood Shutters are as sensible as they are sentimental.